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I believe that "Attitude is Everything", not to discount work ethic and focus. But, how you handle adversity is so much more important than, what adversity you face. Create your positive mind set, for your positive future and your success.        Reginald Grant

English Teacher and ESL - English as A Second Language Teacher & Tutor

Speaker, Trainer and Facilitator

2013 ATSSProfessional Athletes Investment Forum Series, In cooperation with the National Alliance of African American Athleteswas held in Feb. , June  and August  2013 in Los Angeles, CA. Designed to educateand inform past, active and future professional athletes. The next event isscheduled for Friday, Feb. 21 in Washington, D.C. :  Check out http://www.AfterTheScreamingStops.com often for updates.

Current project co-producer of a documentary film on the 1965 American Football League Boycott by black players and the web series AfterTheScreamingStops.com covering the lives of former NFL players.



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